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Tejada is gone, plan B

Miguel Tejada is gone. Yes I said it, Miggy is gone, may he rest in peace. We shall toll the bell ten times for our fallen warrior and mourn his loss for the next ten seconds........Okay well now that is over with, we shall focus on a plan B. I happen to think that plan should be to sign Jason Bartlett to a fat contract, and keep him around for years. Give Ludwick one more chance to prove himself and then let him go regardless of performance due to his price tag, as well as give Headley one more shot and then cut him off at the knees. Headley has been great and all, but in the words of Dennis Green, he is not who we thought he was. I am para phrasing of course.

As long as the Padres get the middle infield help they need, than they'll be on the right track. Not bringing back the veterans in Torrealba, Tejada and Garland didn't help, but at least now we know what directions to go in. The bright side to all of this, is that those same players that have signed elsewhere are all in their thirties, with two of them being in their late thirties. We need someone younger, that can run, and drive the ball. Justin Upton would be a nice addition and a "godsend" but he is far too expensive and there are larger market teams with the money to wave around. Getting Jason Bartlett would solve more than what we need and then some. We might have to give away our relief help but we need offense right now and according to reports, our farm system has tons of qualified arms to bring up whenever they are ready.

We have already parted with Mujica and Webb to get Maybin, I do not care what it takes, we have an assortment of great pitching arms in our Minors and we need to bring them up. Getting rid of Bell is always an option worth pursuing, but we need to make things happen now. Hoyer wants to wait but there is no more time to wait, our division rivals are making enough noise already, come on Hoyer, do your due diligence, get off your soap box, and bring us something good. I have faith in you, and so does the Friar Faithful. Believe!!

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