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Does Not Look Good for Padres

We as fans were hoping that 2011 would end up being the continuation of a heroic 2010 season, but apparently that was a far fetched dream. The dream was crushed as of dismorning when Adrian Gonzalez signed a lucrative deal with the Boston Red Sox. The deal is not official just yet but it will be lucrative when it is all said and done and he'll be garnering Benjamins in the 22-25 million dollar range. It is what he wanted, so we should all feel happy for the now former Padre, right?

Wrong I would say, simply because we got three minor leaguers that are not even major league ready. How exactly does that benefit the Padres? It does not because we are giving away our marketable superstar, for a bunch of players for the future. That tells the team that not only is the front office not serious about winning right now in the present, but that it will be a few years until everything comes together. We had to win the division this past season, to get the extra money needed for more deals, and we would have had a bigger fan base going into 2011, but in typical baseball fashion, the inevitable mostly occurs, and thus we were the final team to go home before the playoffs with two wins short of the promised land. It happens, it is the game of Baseball after all, but it would have been nice for the front office to go into the offseason optimistic about their 2011 chances instead of giving away their top talent.

Sure, they signed Cameron Maybin, and Aaron Harang (pending a physical) to shore up our outfield depth and giving us that veteran starting pitcher that we needed to succeed. But, with a limited payroll, we are still short a shortstop, and a second baseman, as well as a back up catcher. Seems like a lot but I think a deal can get done for a Jason Varitek type who is at the end of his career and would take a pay cut to play one last time, and they can also look for another corner infielder, perhaps a Marco Scutaro type if he doesn't sign with Boston. Bringing back Jerry Hairston Jr. again would be key and exceptional, and waiting on Everth Cabrera to find his major league form is a mistake and should be avoided.

I was going to go to Reno in February before Spring Training and place a bet on the San Diego Padres for 2011, but just like most fans now, I am quite pessimistic about their real chances now that the front office is only focused on the future instead of the present. Hopefully I'm wrong, and that they won't end up in the National League West cellar, but if they do, 2010 will always be memorable, and for that I am thankful to be a Padres fan. Let's hope the success keeps coming and the surprises aren't halted, for that would be a real shame and a blow to the organization.


  1. Sort of saw this coming but man this sucks, like you said as fans we are kind of left high and dry here. How do you expect to the build the fanbase with move like this. I am with you on bring back Hairston also.

  2. How many of you thought the Padres were going to do anything last year?? Hoyer is doing what he can with what he has. We weren't going to be able to keep Gonzalez beyond 2011, so it was inevitable that he would leave for greener pastures. Hoyer has done a good job of setting the table for the future, particularly our pitching which is what drove this franchise last season. So far Hoyer has managed to put together a team that appears capable of doing some good things. Bartlett and Hudson are more than capable of replacing Cabrera and Eckstein, and although I hate to see Tony jr take a back seat, Maybin should be a more productive hitter. We may have to wait a year or two to get a power hitter to replace Gonzalez but hawpe or Cantu could add some pop at 1st. Pitching will keep us competitive. With a year under his belt Latos will continue to dominate and Harang will shore up a lineup that should keep us in the hunt.

  3. Very well said Paul, I would love to have read last years comments on the team during the off season. We will never I repeat NEVER be a team that will be able to offer crazy sick money contracts. I believe the last time they gave a couple of players large deals with a no trade and multiple years, fans went crazy when they got hurt and were not able to play. They collected and hurt the Padres financially and ability to sing any top free agents for 2-3 yrs (Phil Nevin, Ryan Klesko). With big contracts comes big risk and that is something this team can't afford to do. Gonzalez wanted to get his big contract and it didn't matter who was going to give it to him. "I'm a baseball player first not a Padre" A. Gonzalez