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MLB Robbed the Padres of a Playoff Berth A Year Early

Robbed I tell you, robbed! There is talk about a 10-team double wild card in both leagues scenario going on right now. If that occurs, not only will there be the four teams from each league but another wild card added on to both the American and National leagues respectively. That will mean more action going on at the end of the season and more drama happening in the postseason itself. I do not know about the casual fan, but you would think any baseball fan would want more baseball, and this way there will be baseball well into November. Do not get carried away now, there will not be baseball going on during Thanksgiving, but the season will officially end close to the holidays.

The Padres were so close to being in the playoffs in the 2010 season. They fought hard, had the right team chemistry and provided the winning attitude for their fans all season long. They played the game the right way and never complained during their darkest hour. If Major League Baseball had come up with the 10-team postseason scenario last season, we wouldn't be talking about what would have been, we would be talking about the Padres possibly being in the World Series. Anything can happen in the postseason, and the fact that the Padres just came off of a special season that does not happen every year because of their payroll, just makes the fans upset and feel as though they were robbed. It is just a matter of bad timing and the Padres were a victim of it. If indeed this spoken scenario does come to fruition, it is just a travesty. It is good for baseball, in that more teams will be involved and there will be more excellent drama that we all love, but still, the Padres would have missed out on a championship, the same championship that has eluded them their 42 seasons of existence.

All one is saying is that we missed out, and if the 2011 postseason provides some changes and the Padres still are not in it, than it is all a matter of bad timing and bad luck. We aren't the Yankees, we aren't the Red Sox and we can't buy anyone we want and put a yearly quality product on the field, but we do have the heart, and the determination to play the right way, provide the entertainment necessary and give the fans what they need, the willingness to believe. Based upon their 2010 accomplishments and their departures thus far, they have just as good of a chance as any other team and if more teams are added, they will have even a bigger chance. Here is to hoping, and here is to believing, San Diego Padres 2011 playoff contenders.

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