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Greediness Running Rampant Everywhere, Including the Padres

Sports is a greedy industry full of greedy employees, and baseball is no exception. This week Yorvit Torrealba officially departed from the San Diego Padres and he did so with no remorse. He gave reasons to the media as to why he decided to decline his mutual option, saying that he had no idea where the organization was heading and that he did not like how the organization was trying to shop superstars Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez. The Padres have every right to shop their superstars simply because they are one of the small market teams in the league and the small market teams do not have a lot of money to spend so the more money they can free up, the more young talent they'll be able to acquire. It makes perfect sense to want to trade big talent to get a ton of smaller talent in return, because it helps you build for the future and you get more for less.

In the case of Torrealba and Garland, the high priced pitcher who was an innings eater last season for the Padres, they are a case of greediness running rampant in sports. Nothing is ever enough, they come to a team and work hard all season to get to know the players and front office, and compete real hard when game times starts, only to give up on the team once the off-season comes around and goes elsewhere to get more money. Money is the ultimate goal in sports nowadays, forget the love of the game, forget what the fans think, its all about higher bank accounts and credibility in the league. Hopefully this turns around and teams start to get smart by not picking up the greedy players. Perhaps the league can crack down on team policy more like they crack down on drug policy.

Whatever can be done to correct it, having a brilliant season with what we thought were team players in Torrealba and Garland, turned out be to null and void once they showed off their true colors to the public. Hopefully the 2011 Padres go out on the field starting in April and beat them all, that would be the ultimate revenge. Just win it all and make the players that left regret that they had. If that happens, oh the smell of sweet justice in the air.

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