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Black as Manager of the Year Proves Small Market Teams are Just as Good

Bud Black winning Manager of the Year for the national league proves that the small market teams are just as good as the big markets. The Yankees, the Phillies, even the Red Sox better take notice soon, because lately the smaller markets have been getting their licks in as well. The Reds, the Padres, the Giants, they all were outstanding teams last season, and they all proved the naysayers wrong. Vegas had a field day with all the payouts being made, and all the attention the sports bettors were having.

Nobody would have thought that the Cincinnati Reds, or the San Diego Padres would even come close to winning their divisions, one of them did, the other came close. With teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the St. Louis Cardinals being the class of their respective divisions for so long, it was nice to see some change, and no not Barack Obama's change, smaller markets beating up on the bigger markets type of change.

With more talent being drafted each day and the rule 5 taking effect after each season, the smaller markets will be good for a long period of time, and the years to come will be filled with amazing talent. Gone are the days of buying championships and setting intimidating rosters. Now it is all about the talent taking over, regardless of the bank account or the payroll.

Congratulations to Bud Black and Dusty Baker for representing the leaders in the manager's race. Most of us disagreed with Bud Black's methods this year, but as unorthodox as they were, they ended up being affective. Too bad there was that ten-game losing streak in September, because he would have ran away with it easily without it. Here is to three more years of Bud Black and the Padres doing well. Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. The Reds have an advantage playing in the central though with no "big market" teams in the division. You could make a case for the Cubs but they are cursed and historically haven't broken the bank the same way. Congrats to Black though, great job.