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Acquiring Maybin Was Probably the Perfect Move

The Padres acquired outfielder Cameron Maybin last week from the Florida Marlins. Having been up and down in the major leagues since 2007 with the Detroit Tigers, Maybin has played for two different teams and his best playing time was a half season in 2010. Not much to go on, with 28 RBI, 92 strikeouts and 291 plate appearances, Maybin's stats do not really reflect what was rumored to be a terrific season when he first started out with comparisons to Ken Griffey Jr. Yes, Maybin struck out a third of the time he went up to the plate in 2010, and yes he got sent down to Triple A in May due to his bad performance, but is that enough to criticize and give up on him too early? I think not, he deserves the benefit of the doubt and in my opinion, the Marlins gave up on him a tad bit early.

Having only had 144 games under his belt with the Marlins, with a batting average of .257 with 12 home runs and 43 RBI, just proves that he was not experienced enough to handle the pressures of the major leagues. Keep in mind, the guy is only twenty-three years of age, he is very young and has been playing against smaller opponents with less talented players most of his growing up life. I know that it isn't an excuse, and that most players breaking into the majors go through the same adversity, but in Maybin's case a change of scenery really might be what he needs to excel at the top level.

Being traded to a team that was one win away from forcing a tie for a chance at a playoff spot, and a team that had the best bullpen in the National League in 2010, Maybin hit the mother lode by being sent to a franchise that is up and coming. They had the timely hitting necessary to win last season, they had the pitching, and they had the speed, with the second best stolen bases total in the National League behind the Mets. What the Padres were lacking, and needed very badly was a fast running, disciplined hitting outfielder to hit at the top of the order and be productive. They had the lowest outfield offensive production in the majors last year and had one of the best defensive teams in the league as well. They did not get Maybin for his defense, which is slightly above average, they got Maybin for his speed, his determination, and his eye at the plate. He is a former World Series MVP in high school, so he can hit. It is all a matter of time until everything comes together for the Friars, and with Maybin added to the team, along with the best pitching, and the best defense in the league, that is a recipe for success. Making Cameron Maybin the perfect move at this moment that the franchise could have made.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that this should work out for him and us. I love it, anytime you can pick up a kid like this at age 23 I am for it. Look at Young with the Twins it took a while but that is starting to work out real well for them.