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An Open Letter to Jed Hoyer

Dear Jed,

Congratulations on your recent hiring as the new GM of the San Diego Padres. Your credentials are unparalleled and your attention to detail and preparation have been well documented. I hope that you love it in San Diego, and all of us Padres fans are looking forward to the new regime. Or most of us, anyway.

The reason I'm writing you today is to beg and plead you not to trade away the cornerstone of our organization, Adrian Gonzalez. Adrian, as you know, was just awarded his second consecutive Gold Glove and recently completed a season in which he hit 40 home runs for the first time while being walked a league-high 119 times. The Padres without Adrian would be like a bee without a stinger, or a sailor without an ocean, or, well, you get the point. He is exactly the type of guy the Padres need to build around, not trade away. He's a local guy, he does good things in the community, and he's an ambassador to the huge Mexican/Mexican-American population in the San Diego area, not to mention Tijuana. He's in his prime (27), he's inexpensive and under the Padres control for a couple more years. He ranked in the top 10 in five offensive categories this past season, not just for first basemen but the entire National league. He did all of this while playing in, arguably, the most pitcher-friendly park in baseball.

I understand that other GM's will be/are calling you at all hours of the day trying to pry him away for as little, or as much, as possible. Don't do it. You could get a king's ransom for him if you decided to do the unthinkable, but do you want your first bold move to be one that alienates a fan-base that is so fractured right now? First basemen of his caliber don't come along very often. This is an organization that has had very few bonafide superstars in its existence: Tony Gwynn, Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Trevor Hoffman, and now Adrian Gonzalez. There have been some others (Ken Caminiti, Benito Santiago, Fred McGriff, Steve Garvey, and, uh, Carmelo Martinez (cough) all come to mind). My point is this: in 40 years there have been just a few faces of the franchise, and Adrian is our most recent.

We have a young core to build around: Everth Cabrera, Mat Latos, Kyle Blanks, Will Venable, love-him-or-hate-him Chase Headley, Nick Hundley, Sean Gallagher, Chris Young, and to an extent, Kevin Kouzmanoff. We have a decent minor league system, especially at the lower levels. With the proper guidance this team could turn things around very quickly, but they won't do it as quickly without Adrian Gonzalez.

You are now our ship's rudder, Mr. Hoyer, don't lead us out into deep waters without our anchor, Adrian Gonzalez.

Warmest regards, and best of luck with your new gig. We'll be watching.

Padres Fans

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